Budget and Planning

There is no special budget in Turkey that has been allocated for e-Government towards joint use of agencies or for joint projects. Investment recommendations are prepared by agencies in line with relevant policies and agency duties during the public budget preparation process. These investment proposals are evaluated by the Ministry of Development in line with national policies and targets and are then included in the budget.  In order for the ICT investments of public agencies to be determined according to national priorities and standards the Ministry of Development has prepared the “Public ICT Projects Preparation Guide”. The guide, for which the first version was published in 2004, is updated in new versions every year to strive for more comprehensive subjects concerning the preparation process of ICT projects for public agencies and institutions investing in.

Significant resources have been allocated to information and communication technologies and e-Government projects as a public policy especially since 2000s in Turkey. As of 2002 public ICT investments are reviewed on a regular basis. Between 2002 and 2014, about 23 billion TL was invested in 13 years by the public sector in ICT. In 2002 ICT investments were at the level of 700 million TL and reached 3.7 billion TL by 2014. The portion of public ICT investments in all public investments was 2.9% in 2002 but rose to 7.8% in 2014. This is an indication of the importance placed on information systems by the public sector.

The routine expenditures for public ICT operations are notified to the Ministry of Finance. However, there is not detailed report set up for public ICT expenditure items within the public budget system at present.

Ongoing work:

In line with the action of “E1.1.2-Planning, Evaluating and Monitoring e-Government Projects” included in the 2016-2019 National e-Government Strategy and Action Plan the process for planning, evaluating and monitoring e-Government investment projects in accordance with the National e-Government Strategy will be redesigned.