Government IT Personnel

Another indication of the rising significance of e-Government work in public agencies is the increasing number of expert information personnel. With the contracted information personnel application in 2008 employment according to current market conditions is provided to information specialists who are difficult to obtain.

Through the cooperation of non-governmental organizations, universities and private companies periodic awareness activities are organized for public administrators. While this does not demand continuity, there are capacity development programs on various subjects being conducted by agencies.

In the private sector there are CIO positions and capacity development programs directed at these positions but there are no continuous and integrated programs towards gaining Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) skills.

Ongoing work:

In line with the action of “61. Regulating Employment of Public Informatics Personnel” included in the 2015-2018 Information Society Strategy and Action Plan and the action of “E1.2.1-Development of Policies for the Human Resources Assigned to e-Government Work” included in the 2016-2019 National e-Government Strategy and Action Plan, the e-Government project preparation and management capacities of public agencies will be expanded, the skills of information processing units in agencies will be improved, the personal benefit rights of public information processing personnel will be made better and an information specialty staff will be created. Legislative work is being conducted towards the employment of informatics personnel under the status of expert clerical staff and the standardization of the field competences. When this work is completed, a continuous personnel structure can be created for e-Government projects.