Institutional Management

The assistant undersecretary responsible for administrative modernization and information processing in the Ministries is considered to the equivalent position that can carry out the requirements of the CIO position. Coordination meetings are held periodically between assistant undersecretaries in Turkey under the coordination of Prime Ministry. Same level meetings are started to be held under the coordination of MTMC in 6 months periods. These meetings are considered to be “CIO Board” meetings. Similar meetings between head of departments are also started to be held in more frequent periods under the coordination of MTMC. This coordination structure is supported with organization structure by BTYK Decree No. 2013/102 and M&E structure of the 2016-2019 National e-Government Strategy and Action Plan.

Mainly the e-Government work in Turkey is being conducted in the information processing departments of central and local government agencies. Some of these departments that are generally at head of departments’ level, have recently started to be organized at directorate general level which involves departments. This shows the increasing significance of these activities in public administration.

With the regulation that went into force in Turkey in 2006 strategy development departments were established in all public agencies. These departments provide the necessary planning and execution to make sure public resources are used in the most productive and efficient manner in line with national plans and institutional needs.

There are also information systems planned and operated by main service departments in line with the long term requirements.

Ongoing work:

In line with the action of “E1.1.1-Development of an e-Government Ecosystem” included in the 2016- 2019 National e-Government Strategy and Action Plan, the necessary tasks will be completed for conducting e-Government policies in cooperation with stakeholders and ensuring the necessary human resources skills. In the term ahead of us it is expected that roles and responsibilities between Ministries will be detailed and governance will be activated.