Subrainstutional Management

The development and execution of the e-Government policies in Turkey is under the responsibility of MTMC and there is no institutionalized position widely accepted for a Government Informatics Chief Officer (GCIO). In Turkey the public administration governance form does not involve CIO and similar positions. That being said, there are responsibilities being executed in terms of a GCIO role by the MTMC General Directorate of Communication, the Ministry of Development Information Society Department and the Prime Ministry Directorate of Administration Development at present. The authorities of these offices are specified in the organization Law.

In the past a Transformation Leaders structure was developed comprised of an e-Transformation Executive Board and strategy development and information processing department administrators under this board with representation at Minister level. However after 2011 a coordination mechanism of a similar nature could not be operated. It is considered that developing an e-Government organization model in line with current developments and clarifying responsibilities is a priority need in Turkey.  With the BTYK Decree No. 2013/102, the decision was made to develop a new organization model for conducting and coordination e-Government work. The tasks in this direction continue under the coordination of MTMC.