Open Government Data Policies

The subject has been dealt with in the 2015-2018 The Information Society Strategy and Action Plan and the 2016-2019 National e-Government Strategy and Action Plan.

Becoming a member of the Open Government Partnership in 2011 is seen as an important step for Turkey. Within the scope of the Open Government Partnership an action plan was prepared in 2012 but was not able to be implemented and in August of 2013 a Prime Ministry Circular No. 2013/9 on the subject of an “Open Government Partnership Initiative” was published towards the implementation of the Open Government Partnership in Turkey. A second action plan in the scope of Open Government Partnership has been started but not completed yet. The work in this field is being conducted by the Prime Ministry Inspection Board. This Board is also tasked with transparency, accountability and combating corruption.

Promotion and information work and awareness raising meetings, etc. have been organized about open data by a variety of agencies / institutions in Turkey. For instance Developing Trends in Public Management Open Government and Open Data panel was held in cooperation of Prime Ministry and TUBITAK-BILGEM-YTE in March 20, 2013. However, these activities are not organized regularly.

Ongoing work:

In line with the action of “67. Sharing of Public Data” included in the 2015-2018 Information Society Strategy and Action Plan policies will be developed concerning the sharing and reuse of public information. Based on this, legal and administrative regulations will be developed concerning the use of public information by third parties of public data for value added products and services, also the necessary technical infrastructure will be created. The objective is to create added value in the economy with the use and share of public data.