There is an introduction film prepared to raise awareness about the e-Government work and development of a new e-Government policy. General introduction films concerning the use of the e-Government gateway are prepared at certain periods.

The public announcements that are broadcasted on television and radio are a preferred approach for promoting and creating awareness for large scale public services. There are similar promotions being broadcasted for e-Government services addressing wide audiences (For example: public announcements for the Ministry of National Defense military service procedures). To the present many varieties of introductory videos prepared especially for large scale e-Government services (For example: Ministry of Justice UYAP introductory videos, the Ministry of Health e-Pulse introductory video, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs e-Visa video) have been broadcasted over the agency websites and various social media channels. Also e-Government applications are able to be promoted in different TV series to address wider audiences (Ministry of Justice UYAP TV series promotion).

Brochures and posters are also prepared in addition to videos for promotional purposes. (For example Ministry of Justice UYAP SMS posters, the Directorate General of Immigration Affairs e-Residence poster).  However, there are no similar promotions and a standard approach for all of the e-Government services addressing large scale audiences. The work that is being carried out is determined in line with institutional needs.

Special promotions are undertaken by central and local governments at fairs to introduce e-Government applications. For example, ceBİT Bilişim Eurasia, one of Turkey’s largest information technology fairs, stands out in terms of e-Government technologies.

There are also promotion and awareness activities conducted periodically by NGOs. (For example: the Turkish Information Association organized National Informatics Workshops and the Academic Informatics Conferences organized in cooperation with the Internet Technologies Association)

Ongoing work:

In line with the actions of “E4.1.1- Increasing Awareness of e-Government Services by Strengthening Information Channels” and  “E4.1.2-Making e-Government Applications Primarily Preferred” included in the 2016-2019 National e-Government Strategy and Action Plan work will be undertaken to raise the awareness of all users concerning e-Government and provide information and develop incentive mechanisms so that users prefer to use e-Government applications.