Providing Up To Date Information

The activities being conducted in the field of e-participation in Turkey can be listed as providing up to date information, accepting complaints and suggestions, receiving feedback and including in decision-making processes via web and mobile technologies.


Presenting Current Information about Political Representatives

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) website provides the contact information (address, telephone, fax and e-mail information) of deputies. Also all of the legal work on the agenda of the Assembly can be accessed here.

The Republic of Turkey Presidential website provides information about the Presidency, a current activity plan and texts of speeches. The location of the President shown on a map can also be seen on this website.

The Prime Ministry website broadcasts current information and announcements about activities concerning the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers.

Providing Up to Date Information About Public Agencies

All of the elements of public administration including the organizational structure of agencies, provided services, documents used in services and the information in documents are determined along with their legal basis and updated on public organizations’ website. In accordance with the “Regulation on Activity Reports to be Prepared by Public Administrations” published in Official Gazette dated 17.03.2006, activity reports are being prepared for agencies within the scope of the general budget, agencies with special budgets, social service agencies and local agencies, the reports are given to the relevant agencies and disclosed to the public.

To obtain general information related to all public agencies KAYSIS, which is a Prime Ministry application, enables to diagnose elements existing in public management especially like organizational structure, services, documents used in services, information about such documents with legal references and to define them in electronic format.