Receiving Feedback

Satisfaction Surveys

There are three different satisfaction survey applications concerning public services:

  • The Public Satisfaction Survey (KMA) is conducted within the scope of KAYSİS. The KMA is a smart survey system used to measure the satisfaction level of citizens in public services and to prepare reports from these surveys to help develop public administration strategies. The survey is planned to be used towards improving the issues that the citizens are not pleased with. However, the application is not being actively used yet.
  • There is a satisfaction survey provided for e-services used over the e-Government Gateway as a final step of process.
  • There are also service based satisfaction surveys. (For example: The Ministry of Health e-Pulse evaluation survey enables the quality of all of the services provided in the health facility to be evaluated.)

Accepting Complaints and Suggestions

There are three main applications at the top level to ensure participation in Turkey;

  • By using the “Write to the President” application on the Presidential Communication Headquarters (CİMER) operated by the Presidency, views, suggestions and complaints can be transmitted to the President.
  • The Prime Ministry Communication Headquarters (BİMER) Application service operated by the Prime Ministry can be used to request information about public agencies and to submit applications of a suggestion, warning or complaint nature about public agencies. Also the Alo 150 call center is available for problems and opinions about public agencies.
  • Requests can be written and sent in electronic format to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey through the e-Request Service operated by the TBMM.

There are also different applications at an agency level. The method that is popularly used is call centers and e-mail addresses that are special to the agency or service. There are especially call centers set up in which physical and online demands-complaints can be monitored for large city municipalities (For example: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mavi Masa, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Beyaz Masa)

Social Media Applications

Social media applications are widely used in Turkey. While they are generally used for sharing current information, there are also survey applications for complaints, demands and decision-making. When the current state of the government in terms of the social media is considered,

  • The social media is used actively by politicians in Turkey. The President and all of the Ministers including the Prime Minister have social media accounts.
  • The e-Government Gateway has social media integration. (For more detailed information see the Section 3.2.5 National Portal participant features)
  • Most of the public agencies, particulary the Ministries, use the social media for current announcements. (For example: Ministry of Internal Affairs twitter account, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security facebook account)
  • The social media is also widely used by local governments. (For example: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality twitter and instagram accounts)

Ongoing Work:

In line with the actions of “E3.1.1-Updating and Generalizing Government Agencies’ Websites and Social Media Pages in Accordance with the Specified Guidelines” and the “E3.1.2-Restructuring Public Information and Introduction Sites” a included in the 2016-2019 National e-Government Strategy and Action Plan Public websites and institutional/official social media pages will be designed, updated and managed in an efficient and user-oriented manner according to the criteria and assigned guidelines that are set forth.