Software Development

TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Software Technologies Research Institute will provide services in software development of strategic, critical and R&D digital solution development projects for realization of the actions, which are situated in the national agenda and defined in high level strategic and political documents that are giving directions to the e-Government ecosystem.

Within software development lifecycle, below activities will be practiced:

  • analyze the as-is situation, define the target system and compose the software requirements also compatible with the prioritized work packages, to identify the needs and plan an optimal solution,
  • configure architectural designs,
  • carry out coding, Code reviews and test activities,
  • provide better user interface designs for the software systems developed taking into account the human-computer relationship during the usability tests done in our in-house usability lab and ensure user’s comfort,
  • provide practical training to the users, to promote the usage of the system, prepare the training materials according to the needs  and expectations of the target audience, provide support to the users,
  • provide project monitoring and assessment and supervision counseling, with the help of change management, to ensure realization of the provided road maps and working models,
  • provide assurance activities with subcontractor management, project and program management perspective, during the solution realization transitioning points, not only for the projects defined within the road maps, but also for the projects according to the demands of the organization.

Within this service area, YTE provides below services to public institutions and organizations:

  • Software Development
  • Project and Program Management
  • Monitor and Assessment Consultancy