Cyber Security Policy

The National Cyber Security Strategy and 2013-2014 Action Plan prepared in line with the Council of Ministers Decision No. 2012/3842 is Turkey’s first cyber security strategy document. The preparation work was conducted for MTMC under the coordination of TÜBİTAK-BİLGEM-SGE. There are totally 29 action articles under the 7 main headings in the Action Plan. The 2013-2014 action plan includes actions related to conducting the necessary legislative work, organizing cyber security drills and organizing activities to increase education and awareness concerning cyber security. A second strategy document was prepared for the 2016-2019 period and entered into force in 2016.

2016-2019 National Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan covers all components of national cyber space including small and medium scale industries and all the natural and legal persons in addition to public information systems and other information systems belonging to critical infrastructure operated by public or private sector across Turkey. Strategy preparation has been performed with a big participation. After holding meetings with the parties in charge of the previous action plan, Common Mind Platform was held with participation of public agencies, critical infrastructure operators, informatics sector, universities and 126 experts from 73 agencies and institutions on behalf of nongovernmental organizations.

Strategic actions planned to be realized in 2016-2019 period are classified under the following headings:

  • Strengthening Cyber Defence and Protection of Critical Infrastructure
  • Combatting Cyber Crimes
  • Developing Awareness and Human Resource
  • Developing Cyber Security Ecosystem
  • Integration of Cyber Security to National Security

Ongoing work:

The main policies that have been determined within the framework of the action of “5. Information Security and User Trust” in the 2015-2018 Information Society Strategy and Action Plan have started to be implemented. No direct target has been defined in the 2016-2019 National e-Government Strategy and Action Plan in terms of the cyber security field. The actions in the existing policy documents have been taken into account to achieve content integration.

In line with the action of “36. A Strategy and Action Plan to Combat Cyber Crimes will be Prepared” action in the 65th Government 2016 Action Plan and the “39. A Strategy and Action Plan to Combat Cyber Crimes will be Developed” action in the 2015-2018 Information Society Strategy and Action Plan a National Cyber Crimes Strategy will be prepared and put into force with the objective of reinforcing coordination between agencies for effectively combating new types of crimes that emerge in the field of information.