What is Digital Transformation?

Dijital Transformation

is an integrated transformation, which organizations perform in elements such as people, working process and technology in order to provide more effective and efficient service and to provide beneficiary satisfaction in line with opportunities enabled by information and communication technologies developing rapidly and changing social needs.

Digital Transformation is unable to be degraded into a few technologies, however; the pathbreaking effects of web 2.0, mobile, broadband internet, cloud computing, digital media, big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, internet of things and 3D printers has started a new period.

Analog records has been transformed into a processable form in digital environment (automation) and processes has been transferred into digital environment (e-service) at first. At this point, all instutional assets and share-holder relations are redefined in digital environment (digital transformation). Digitalisation process is not one sided that organizations could make its automations more efficient all the time by means of new technologies and could make digital technology experience better in their services.


As a result of the necessity of adaptation to new conditions and expectations and of agility in digital transformation, even the most successful organizations have difficulty in completing transformation. Digital transformation process is not an easy task that;

  • There is not an instant package solution to it.
  • There is no clear reply to what the solution is.
  • Although changing habits are pretty much difficult, technology changes rapidly.
  • Digital transformation requires to change and manage various elements combined.
  • Works and transactions do not hold on.
  • Digital transformation is continuous.
  • Digital transformation requires to consider past, present and future simultaneously.

Organizations can mature to accelerate, direct and manage digital transformation.

Digital transformation should be handled systematically and integrally to enable sustainability.